School Crest Me in 1957

Welcome to my 2020 Web Site for Old Boys of Dorchester Grammar School and Hardye's School.

This site replaces all previous sites (which no longer exist).

This new site now comprises well over 1100 photos and images, as well as the only known moving pictures, taken at or around Dorchester Grammar/Hardye's School, and covers the whole period when the school was situated in Culliford Road. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Please note that, although the word "old-hardyeans" appears in this website's address, it is my own personal website and totally independent of the (Old) Hardyeans Club.

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Please Note: Nigel Newbery no longer has his own website showing pupils of
Colliton Street Primary School, Hardye's and Dorchester County School for Girls (The Green School).
However, I have been able to rescue it and add it to this website, so it can now be seen by clicking here.