School Dance - Where and When?


My thanks to all of you who have e-mailed me with further information regarding these photos. It is now generally agreed that it was held in the St. John Ambulance Hall.

Some of the decorations certainly came from the School - I can remember Ken Batty, during Art classes, carefully applying the gold paint to the large School Crest which had been cut out of plywood, and which can be seen centre-stage in many of these photos. This crest was prepared for some other School event - perhaps Speech Day?


I am pleased to say that at long last this question has been answered, and the location confirmed:
Kevin Milner has sent in the photo (below left) of the official Invitation on which we see the date: Saturday 16 July, 1960.
More recently, Alison Barber has sent in a photo of another. Clearly the invitations were all hand written by a team of boys with presentable hand writing!


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