Other School Activities.

Here are some photos relating to other (official!) activities at Hardye's.

My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these,
please e-mail me.

1 - DGS Modelling Club 1948: Riggs, ?, ?, ?, ?, K Jukes, J Rawlins.
Photo courtesy of John Rawlins.

Photos relating to the Boy Scouts:

2 - 6th Dorchester Scout Troop 1949, winners of County Banner & Mayor's Own Banner.
Back row left to right: P O'Riordan, D Hurn, Ford, G Hickmore, D Gould, Sturgess, D Bacon.
2nd row: J Rawlins, R Bellamy, Butler, Moss, P Furzy, B Forrester, Goddard, J Foster, J Loveys, Paynes, Reeves, D Brackston.
Sitting: Rossiter, K Jukes, R Rowland, Ellwood, A Guiseppi, C Wederell, B Pressely, D Singleton.
Front row: Andrews, Downton, D Mundy, Ellis, Male, D Babb.
Photo courtesy of John Rawlins.

3 - Scout camp 1952: D Brackston, G Hickmore, C Wederell, J Foster, J Rawlins, Philip Read.
4 - Scout camp 1952: Scoutmaster B Pitman, C Wederell, J Rawlins, J Foster.
Photos courtesy of John Rawlins.

5 - 6th Dorchester Scout Troop 1955.
Back row left to right: R Davies?, GD Standring, JJ Pearson, PJ Zealley, ?, RJ Gale, REH Ballard, BR Gill, MJ Lindsay;
4th row: JC Fuller, CMKJ Stanton, D Phillips, KP Burke, D Blanchard, WI Birrell, PB Watkins, JH Perry, IE Diffey;
3rd row: RJ Loveys, DMJ Turner, A McCulloch, TJ Reiss, M Scott, NV Boultwood, J Townsend, RIW Partridge, RW Birch, JE LeQuesne, DR Perry, S Brewis;
2nd row: T Bowen, KE Donnelly, JB Reiss, DJ Gould, Scoumaster MJ Hughes, DP Evans, M Dowell, BJ Rees, JA Eades;
Front row: ?, JR Martin, WF Simms, MH James, NC Dennis, JS Hayfield, D Borries, CJ Sharpe.
Photo courtesy of Martin Scott.

6 - The same Scout Troop around the same time, including a Celebrity!
Sitting: JJ Pearson, MJ Morgan, RJ Gale, CJ Sharpe, RIW Partridge, Miss Penny Nicholls, M Scott, GF Batstone, RC Townsend, WF Simms, DR Perry; Kneeling: J Townsend, CA Walton, R Davies, TJ Reiss, A McCulloch, RJ Loveys, DB Oliver, JR Martin, MJ Lindsay, AF Shaddick, JE LeQuesne, S Brewis, TCT Wellesley-Miller, JS Hayfield, BR Gill, RW Birch; Standing (those behind are in brackets): EGB Moore, ?, NC Dennis, (DP Evans), (JB Reiss), JH Perry, (WI Birrell), PB Watkins, (T Bowen), IE Diffey, (REH Ballard), (JA Eades), JC Fuller, GD Standring, (BJ Rees), Scoutmaster MJ Hughes, (KE Donnelly), CMKJ Stanton, (DMJ Turner), D Borries, (A Tewson), D Phillips, (PJ Zeally), D Blanchard, (DJ Gould), NV Boultwood, (KP Burke).
So who was Penny Nicholls? A popular entertainer on TV at that time - see the next photo. Kent Stanton states that she was invited by Mr Hughes to open the Scout Fete.
Photo courtesy of Kent Stanton.

7 - Miss Penny Nicholls - see above.

8 - From the Dorset Evening Echo, 9 July 1968: Mr RW Wrigley (Hardye's Staff Member) is left at the back, Nigel Harding is second from left.
Photo courtesy of Nigel Harding.