The Hardye's (and Dorchester Grammar School) Boys.

Here are various photos gathered in recent years from numerous sources.

The quality of some is somewhat below par, due in many cases to the copying process employed (e.g. re-photographing a hand-held original). If owners are able to make a better digital copy sometime and forward it to me, I would be very grateful.

My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these,
please e-mail me.

1 - We start with an old Dorchester Grammar boy in the early 1930's - Jack Stanton, uncle of Kent Stanton (Hardye's 1951-8)
Photo courtesy of Kent Stanton.

2 - This one is self explanatory.
Claire Kendall, daughter of Victor George Kendall, believes that her father is shown here, 3rd from the right in the middle row, two seats to Mr SA Fox's left.
She adds "He gave the 'Kendall Cup for Continuation of Chemistry' to the School, to be presented to someone who, like him, went on to study Chemistry at university".
Photo courtesy of Denis Barter.

3 - Form IIB in 1948/49 at Wollaston House.
Back row, l to r: extreme right: ARG Wallace, A Damon;
Middle row: centre: Mr WA Sewell, Form Master.
Others unidentified - if you recognise anyone, please e-mail me.
Photo courtesy of Tony Damon.

4 - Form IIIb in 1948/49 (1 boy, Guest, is absent) - taken outside the "Classroom in the Field", which later was completed as the Rifle Range:
Back row, l to r: Kerridge, Wetherall, Parker, Stirk, Goss, Blandamer, Redshaw, Voysey, Hawker;
3rd row: Foster, Osborne, Bugg, King, Mr NMS Roussel, Woodford, White, Rowland;
2nd row: Dean, Buckler, Biggs, Cox, May, Bellinger;
Front row: Galloway, Nother, Marsh, Firth.
Construction of the Rifle Range started in 1934, but was not completed until 1952. In the intervening years, it was used as a classroom.
Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Goss.

5 - Mick Guy. Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Goss.

6 - 1950 entry in an inter-schools drama competition at the Corn Exchange: Act 1 of Macbeth.
Left to right - Back row: Roger Napper, ?, ?, Miss Hill, ?, ?, Paul Bowen, ?;
Middle row: ?, Rodney Fennimore, second from right MA Kitley, rest unknown;
Front row: Ian Pinkham, ?, Pat Vickery, ?.
Photo courtesy of Ian Pinkham.

7 - On stage at the 1950 entry in an inter-schools drama competition at the Corn Exchange.
Photo courtesy of Ian Pinkham.

8 - Second year at Wollaston House - 1951.
From left to right - Back row: Rodney Fennimore, sixth from left (leaning forward) Michael Coles, centre Mr P Lewendon, fourth from right Adrian Rogers, rest unknown;
Front row: Pat Vickery, Ian Pinkham, PJ Dillon?, David Palmer, ?, Roger Napper, ?, ?, JA Moore.
Photo courtesy of Ian Pinkham.

9 - Dorchester Grammar School Sixth Formers 1951:
Standing: Lamb, Rex Shutler, Gordon Jones, Desmond Long, Terry Parsons, Bill Fox (elder son of Maths Master Sam Fox), Toby Read, John Moore;
Seated: Kemp, Michael Parsons, Donald Culver, Roland Mason, Ian Carr (Head Boy 1950-51), Rowan Conn, Tony Osborne, Alec Smith, David Hardwicke;
Squatting: Bob Farrow, Richard Frampton.
Photo courtesy of Terry Parsons.

10 - Senior Boys 1953. Left to right:
Back row: D Nickell, G Hickmore, C Bullocke, R Mundy, Ellwood, A Croad;
Middle row: P Swindells, J Rawlins, J Dutot, D Kemp, G Welch, H Wells-Furby;
Front row: FV Dean, G Cleaver, M Turner.
Photo courtesy of John Rawlins.

Left: 11 - Chris Etheringtom & Peter Sedgwick.

Right: 12 - Peter Sedgwick, Robin Graham, Chris Etherington, Sid Collins & Peter Neale, 1954.
Photos courtesy of Peter Sedgwick.

13 - Not strictly an Old Hardyeans photo, but the boarders all (plus many Dorchester townsfolk) were serenaded by the St. Peter's Church choir every Sunday during term.
Here we see, in the left-hand group, Bryan White at the front, David Trickey (2nd boy back), John Hunt (5th boy back), with Canon Markby at the rear.
In the right-hand line, the blond lad fourth from the front is Alan Potter, and is that Tony Davis behind him?
(I even sang in this choir myself in later years, in spite of my atheist persuasion!)
Photo courtesy of John Hunt.

14 - L to R: Chris Sharpe, Graham Allen, John Martin, Nick Dennis, Dudley Taylor. Probably 1954.
Photo courtesy of Peter Cunningham.

Two photos courtesy of John Fuller: 15 - Left: Tom Worthington; 16 - Right: John Fuller, circa 1958.

Left: 17 - R.R. Thomas (Economics and Sixth Form master). It was end of term in 1959 and Eric Church (that's his arm in the picture) was trying to get the better of Mr Thomas with a card trick, saying "Come on Sir, take a card". John Ratcliffe is enjoying the show in the background.

Right: 18 - Taken at the corner of the sports pavilion/changing rooms. Back row: Bryan Stanley, J.R.Wellesley-Miller, Richard Loveys, Tony King, Mike Snelling (mafia "shades" have replaced chalk smoking!), Eddie King ("H"), W.J.Pope (Will), John Ratcliffe, Richard Pretty, Chris Moore;
Middle: Richard Cole;
Front row: Ron Cave, Eric Church, Peter Lawrence.
Photos courtesy of Paul Handley.

19 - Taken behind the cricket pavilion. ("I think we were meant to be revising for exams" - Paul Handley.)
From left to right: John Ratcliffe, Richard Loveys, Eric Church, Mike Snelling (smoking a piece of chalk!), Andrew Nickell, Richard Pretty.
Photo courtesy of Paul Handley.

Left: 20 - "Jimmy" Whitaker takes Upper V Alpha 1 for English - 1958/9.
Backs of heads are John LeQuesne (left) and Richard Sams (right).
Right: 21 - "Happy Band of 'Brothers'" - 1960.
Photos courtesy of Kevin Milner.

22 - From the Western Gazette of 16 December 1955, this shows the School Prizegiving at the Plaza. Identified are, right to left:
Front row: John Poate, Chris Moore, Mike Baggs, one of the Banks twins;
2nd row: Bryan Stanley, Geoff Standring (or DJ Felton?), Frank Bowering, JR Wellesley-Miller, rest unknown;
3rd row: Alwyn Eades, Timothy Bowen, Peter Burke, AC Kenway, ?, Ian Diffey, rest unknown;
4th row: Michael Bowers, Chris Borries, Barry Watkins, Tim Boucher (with Alan Neades immediately behind), ?, Bob Rench;
5th row: Martin Garner, E Storkey, MW Collins, rest unknown;
6th row: Paddy Kemp, Peter Sedgwick, ?, MB Bullocke, RWB Cleall, rest unknown.
Copy courtesy of Bryan Stanley.

23 - From the Dorset County Chronicle of July 1956, this shows the School Prizegiving at the Plaza. Identified are, right to left:
Front row: Archie McCulloch, John Gleghorn, "Jig" Varley, Alan Damen, Chris Nother;
2nd row: John Poate, Geoff Standring, AR Dodgson, Tony Jeffers, Mike Baggs, ?, John Ratcliffe;
3rd row: Chris Moore, John "Frank" Zealley, Richard Pretty, Ron Cave, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ernie Middle, Andrew Nickell;
4th row: Alwyn Eades, ?, Tim Bowen, Willy Marshall, Humphrey Pain, ?, ?, Chris Borries, ?, Richard Hallett.
Copy courtesy of Chris Nother.

24 - Weymouth Training College field trip in 1957.
L to R: Ann Parr, Ann Head, Jimmy Robertson, Diane ?, John Hughes, ?, John Miles, Richard Hallett. Kent Stanton in the front.
Photo courtesy of Kent Stanton.

Two photos courtesy of Geoff Standring: 25 - Left: Dickie Duckett, Malcolm Freeth, Tom Worthington, Michael James, John Hunt and Ian Taylor.
The location looks like the Biology/1st-yr Sixth Hut.
26 - Right: No idea! Could this be in the Signals Hut? Help please, Geoff!

Two more from Geoff:
27 - Left: Back Row: Ian Taylor, Graham Allen, Roger Townsend, Michael James, Dick Luther, John Morley?, our Caretaker George Bareham.
Front Row: Archie McCulloch, Bob Simpson?, ?, ?.

28 - Right: Standing: Ian Taylor, R Bower, Chris Nother; crouching: Tim Reiss, Michael James; seated: Philip Short, Graham Allen.

More of Geoff's: 29 - Left: Pete Old and lady
(Chris Nother advised in 2012 - and Pete Old confirmed in 2017 - that the lady is Pamela Lee, who later became Mrs Peter Old).
His nephew Tim Old followed in his footsteps and was a Hardyean. Tim is in the panoramic section photograph in 1979.
30 - right: Back row Chris Kiddy, RJ Watkins, Philip Short and Roger Norman; front row centre is Alan Kenway.

31 - Posing at South Walks House: R Davies, DMJ Turner, Peter Warrick, John Pearson, Peter Stevenson, Mike Grigsby. (Photo courtesy of John Pearson)

32 - High Jinks - were exams over? Tony Davis, John Hunt, Tony Ford, R Davies, GF Batstone, Alan Kenway, Clive Seward, Chris Sharpe, R Bower.

Two more of John Hunt: 33 - Left, sporting his School Colours, and...
34 - right, how he earned them. Looks like someone is trying to shut him up! Extreme left is Tony Williams in his usual scrum half position.
(Photo courtesy of John Hunt)

Two informal groups of Heathcote inmates:
35 - Left: Messrs Carder, Crewe, Holmes & Diffey on the quay at Southampton in 1957;
36 - Right: Messrs Gale, Allgood, Birrell, Lean-Vercoe, Diffey, Sharpe, & Cunningham enjoying the delights of Weymouth beach, having cycled down from Dorchester after taking O and A levels.
Photos courtesy of Jack Crewe

Now four photos from Mike Hansford, all taken around 1961:

37 - l to r: Graham Hayfield, John Hunnisett, Neville Lofthouse, Brian Cooper, Mike Smeaton, Nigel Ellis, Mr 'Jack' Tipper, Barry Ross-Mackenzie, Chris Male, John Boffey, Barry Fox, Mike Jenkins.
Photo courtesy of Mike Hansford.

38 - Left: John Boffey and Mike Hansford; 39 - Right: Barry Fox on his BSA motor cycle in Chalky Lane.
Photos courtesy of Mike Hansford.

40: Barry Fox and Roger Pinkham.
Photo courtesy of Mike Hansford.

41 - Left: Ian Diffey; 42 - Right: The French Lesson proceeds under Mr Cruse, with Messrs Seaward, Gale, Jones, Ventham, Coe and ?.
Photos courtesy of Jack Crewe.

Chess activities at Hardye's: 43 - Left: RJ Gale, W Fielden, IE Diffey, WS Easton, J Sonley, JE Crewe, PJ Cunningham 1956;
44 - Right: 1961 Hardye's Chess Club - PH Stevenson, CD Gay, SJ Jones, RL Coe, JE Crewe, Mr Hutchinson. Jack Crewe went on to play chess for Hampshire County.
Photos courtesy of Jack Crewe.

45 - Left: Bertie Cruse & Phil Yates; 46 - Right, l to r: Grahame White, Nigel Lawrence, Bob King and Nigel Lindsay, probably in the late 1950's.
Photos courtesy of Grahame White.

47 - A pyramid of boys in the Sixth Form Hut - On top, Steve Dolby; others unsure.
Photo courtesy of Steve Dolby.

48 - Maths & Science II, 1961-2.
Back row, l to r: DF Rider, TK Stone, EW Taylor, DJ LeBreton, GH White, EE Betts, SB Winchester, DG Wood, JA Farwell, MH Ackroyd, RJ Pinney, BJ Park, R Enestrom, K Ironside;
Front row: CJ Witt, DJ McHardy, DJ Coltart, MJ Horton, Mr SA Fox, P Rushen, JR Reid, RC Collins, JF Lanning.
Photo courtesy of Grahame White.

49 - Summer 1961: A Wollaston House outing to Sir Thomas Salt's narrow gauge railway.
l to r: Kenneth Vlasto in the cab; Nother & Brooks; Keith Dalziel & Richard Dobson; Ian Jeffrey & ?; Peter Dawe & Richard Puckett; rest unknown.
Photo courtesy of Peter Dawe.
For more information on Sir Thomas' Shillingstone Light Railway, click here.

50 - Three Weymouth Promenaders, 1962.
l to r: Geoff Shaw, Richard Cousins, Ian Jeffrey.
Photo courtesy of Ian Jeffrey.

51 - Hardye's Prefects 1966.
Back row, l to r: Rob Stanley, David Sims, Roger Gould, John Trim, Gordon Sansom, Barry Buckland;
Middle row: Andrew Moore, Alistair Palmer, Tony McTurk, Roger Bonfield, Derek Belcher, Ian Jeffrey, Richard Dobson;
Front row: Tim Blagrove, CJB Smith, Electric Heater, Gavin Easton, Simon Dalziel.
Photo courtesy of Rob Stanley.

52 - Hardye's Prefects 1966 - Take 2!
Photo courtesy of Rob Stanley.

Now six photos from Andrew Moore, with his original captions.

53 - Left: Nicholas MacArthur, Des (?), Frank (?), Richard Dobson and Kenneth Vlasto;
54 - right: Nick Harding, Tom Pennington Legh, Kenneth Vlasto, Nicholas MacArthur, and David Sims going up to school in Summer, 1964.

55 - The late, great Upper Vc during a break from 'O'-levels, 1964.

56 - David Stooks in his proper place!

57 - Left: David Sims and Gavin Easton working in the Prefects' Room;
58 - right: David Sims, Gavin Easton & Roger Bonfield.

59 - Left: Kelvin Holmes as a New Boy in 1960; 60 - right: and again in 1964...

61 - ... and finally as a Sixth Former in Southfield House garden, 1966.
Photos courtesy of Kelvin Holmes.

62 - Left to right: Alex Vann, Richard Umbers, Jonathan Redmill; 63 - Alex Vann, Christopher Churchill's feet, Richard Umbers.
Photos from 1981 courtesy of Alex Vann.

64 - Richard Umbers, Christopher Churchill, Jonathan Redmill; 65 - Front to back: Alex Vann,Richard Umbers, Christopher Churchill, unknown.

66 - Chris Lisney on the Art block roof.

67 - Chris Coleman in the art block common room; 68 - Chris Lisney in the line of trees on the other side of the sports field.
The above 3 photos from 1981 courtesy of Alex Vann.