Here are all the various bits & pieces that don't belong anywhere else.

1 - The 1961 Price List from Genge & Co. Ltd., the School Outfitters.
Photo courtesy of Dave Knapman

2 - More of the 1961 Price List from Genge & Co. Ltd., the School Outfitters.
Note that the VIth form were allowed a darker shade of grey ("GAC 550 VI").
Photo courtesy of Dave Knapman.

3 - Here is the School Prize List for 1961 (well, I had to include this, didn't I?).
Original photocopy courtesy of Mike Hansford.

I recently (January 2017) received an email from one Mr Derek Ayto, attaching the images below. He is the son of Arthur Ayto referred to in the newspaper cutting shown, which speaks for itself.


4 - left: The newspaper cutting, and 5 - right: the stained glass window in St George's Church, Fordington, to the memory of Peter Robin Tomes, who was killed when his Percival Provost T1 trainer aircraft crashed into a field near Welby, Lincolnshire, on May 31st, 1960, whilst flying from RAF Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire.
The bottom of the centre panel reads: "In memory of Flight Cadet Peter Robin Tomes RIP 1939-1960 A former Pupil of Hardye's School"

Photos and information courtesy of Derek Ayto.

5 - From Andrew Moore, who writes:
"Genuine as worn, Hardye's school cap with Treves House white button (we replaced the white cloth ones with plastic as the cloth ones used to go rusty,boarders had to walk to school!). House prefect braid and now very tatty school prefects tassel. The caps became non obligatory in the VIth form but most of us continued to wear them with pride. The peak was bent with a "Main school bend" which was not allowed while in junior school at Wollaston!"

From Colin Turner five photos of School insignia:

Left: 6 - The School Blazer Badge, 1963; right: 7 - Treves House School Cap, 1968.

8 - Treves House school ties, 1963.

Left: 9 - Prefect's or Sub-prefect's tie, 1968; right: 10 - Head Boy's & Senior Prefect's tie, 1969.

11 - From Alex Stringer, who writes:
"I've attached a small curio in the form of a letter to parents from AN Hamilton in the spring of 1971, the year before I started. I came across this by accident while trying to track somebody down on Facebook. I can't be sure who posted it originally and the resolution is barely sufficient to read, but it's a good reminder of the 'cultural revolution' that was then going on in the school and which persisted throughout my time there, with the Old Guard clearly feeling somewhat embattled!"