"The Durnovarian" School Magazine.



The school magazine "The Durnovarian" was published annually from June 1901 until 1939. After the Second World War, it reappeared in 1949. If you have a copy from a year other than those shown below, please e-mail me.

I have not reproduced the entire magazine for the years below - just the leading pages which report events and issues concerning the Upper and Lower Schools and the Staff.

For the loan of the originals from which these extracts were taken, I am deeply indebted to Dickie Duckett, Mick Humphrey, Richard Cousins, Nigel Harding, Martin Scott, Andrew Rose, Colin Turner, William Barnes and Roger Porter.

Andrew Rose has added: "Just before I left Hardye's in late 1962, I sneaked into the basement of the main building. Here (dumped, I suspect, by Hamilton) were what might have been school archives. Items included a group photograph of the school taken in 1930 and examples of the first school 'magazines' from around 1901. These were simply fold-over sheets of printed paper, as I recall. Harold Mann lent me examples of the prewar Durnovarian, which were duly returned."

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