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Welcome to this site, which has been set up to help complete the identification of all those pupils who appear in the Panorama photograph which was taken at the school in April 1957. This has been linked to the School List for the year September 1956 to July 1957 which was produced in the summer of 1956. The two records do not match exactly as during the course of the school year new boys arrived and others left. Also there are those who joined in one year, say 1952, but circumstances, such as health, meant that they were held back for a year so appear with those who joined 1953. Where I know this has happened I have made an appropriate note.

The past style and tenor of our schooling is reflected in the somewhat idiosyncratic naming of the various classes within each year. However even this, below sixth form level, is not consistent as is shown by the two School Lists from 1955 / 56 and 1956 / 57. A simplified version has been used as identification on the photographs and school lists.

September 1955 to July 1956

September 1956 to July 1957

Simplified Version

Upper VA

Upper VA


Upper VB

Upper VB


Upper V General

Upper V General


Lower VA

Lower VA


Lower VB

Lower V Alpha 1


Lower V General

Lower V Alpha 2






IV Alpha 1



IV Alpha 2






III Alpha 1


III Beta

III Alpha 2






II Alpha 1


II Beta

II Alpha 2


For ease of loading the panorama photograph has been split into six sections and each face has been numbered. Click on any Panorama below and you will be taken to that section of the photograph. Follow the instructions at the top of each page.

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Panorama 06

The School List has been split into seven sections. Click on any class below and you will be taken to the list where, in some cases, a modern photograph has been reproduced  together with an autobiography. Most of these appear in the Upper and Lower V's years.








 You will find a question mark against some of the names indicating that the identity is not 100% certain. In January 2014 there was only one unidentified face - No 113 (Panorama 4). He is standing with boys from both Lower V C and 4C. There is only one boy in the whole of the Lower V's who is unaccounted for -  G.B. Crew. From the Fourth Year there are three boys unaccounted for - T.I. Allen, C.R. Osborn and D.M.J. Turner. Could he be one of them?

If you think any of the information recorded is incorrect or you can confirm a doubtful identity or add new details, including a modern photograph of yourself and autobiography, please Email me.

Contact Nigel Newbery:  nigelandann@blueyonder.co.uk

Information will be added only when provided and authorised by the individual.

The Class of 53

I have undertaken a lot of research to find many old friends who joined Hardye's with me in 1953 (the Lower V's in the School list). To date 72 of the 78 on the list have been traced. Please Email me at the address above if you would like details.

The Class of 52

Rodney (Ernie) Middle has researched his year and has tracked down 65 of the 92 who joined the school in 1952. Please Email me or him at the following address if you would like details: rodney.middle@hotmail.co.uk

Other Years

Other years have not been specifically researched but many old friendships, across the school entry years, have been maintained and as a result I hold contact details for around 40 others.

Reunions and Website

Each May, for the last ten years, a reunion has been arranged at Dorchester Rugby Club. Photographs of these together with a host of interesting pictures plus a video taken at the school in the 1940's, can be found at Graham Allen's excellent website.

Graham Allen's Website



This part of the site has been set up to complete identification of all those pupils who appeared in the Panorama photograph taken at the school in 1956. Unlike the Hardye's photograph there is no link to a class list or a modern photograph / biography. For ease of loading the photograph has been split into four sections.

 To access the 1956 photograph please click on the link below and follow the instructions.

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Panorama 4

To access the 1951 photograph please click on the link below and follow the instructions.

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The photographs, below, of the school buildings were taken in 1995 some time after the school had closed. There were two other buildings, detached from the main school, which housed classrooms.

This view shows the main school building. Some of the photographs which follow are taken in front of this elevation although, back in the 1950's, there was no door between the second and third windows. Further classrooms are located on the right hand side of the passageway to the left. The words 'Boys School' are engraved on a stone which formed the lintel of the doorway which you can see, side on, in the distance.

A close-up of the entrance with the 'Boys School' engraving above the door.

This view is taken with the photographer's back to the entrance to the main school. It shows Grey School Passage from Colliton Street and leads through to High West Street which is behind Holy Trinity Church, which can be seen distance. Behind the telegraph pole in the middle distance, on the right, is the door to a separate classroom..

This is a closer view of the entrance to the classroom in Grey School Passage. Toilets are in the low building to the right and the classroom itself is in the taller building behind. There was a coal fired heater which backed onto the tall wall facing the camera. Sitting on that side of the room was a mixed blessing as it could get unbearably hot. On the other hand the opposite end of the room could be very cold.

Leaving the main school and turning left into Colliton Street brought you to this building which is about 50 yards down the road. The entrance door is to the left and a classroom is situated behind the windows on the ground floor.



South Sea Islanders v H.M.S. Nutcracker sailors

Ian Pinkham, front row, on the right hand end of the natives sitting on the floor.



From July 20th to 22nd 1949 the school staged a play at the Corn Exchange in Dorchester. Below is a copy of the Programme followed by a photograph of the full cast.


In the centre of the back row are Ian Hawkins (the Groom) and Ian Pinkham (the Bride). Standing in front of them, with a crown on his head, is Brian Puckett. Standing next but one to his left (as you look at it) with the long hair is probably Patrick Vickery. To Brian's right is a boy in white trousers and next along, with his face at the same level as Brian's, is Adrian 'Titch' Downton. Kneeling in the front row with his head by Adrian's left hand, between two 'girls' is Geoff Hutchings who went on to become a well-known stage and TV actor. This is the first drama production in which he appeared.

Ian Pinkham on the right hand side - Others Unknown

Both photographs - Ian Hawkins (left): Ian Pinkham (right)



BACK ROW - J. Damon, P.D. Hibbs, E. Malpas, C.D. Gilbert (Colin?), C.C. Lisney, I.F. Coleman, J.M. Brocklesby, A.R.W. Cake (Alan), L. Harries (Les), D. Hughes, F.A. Crocker, ?? Jackson, M. Brown, B. Booth (Brian), P. Jordan, N. Trevett, D. Whitefield, M.A.G. Owers.

MIDDLE ROW - D.B. Rashley (David), M. Hardy, ?? Hinton, T. Collis, K.R. Rushen (Ken), Mr. Trewhella (Headmaster), M. Bower, D. Strickland (Teacher), D. Holden, J.C. Greening (John), ?? Bell.

FRONT ROW - C.M.K. Stanton (Kent), A.A. Adams, J.T.V. Pannell, M.J. Gilday (Martin), T. Greenman, D.J. Cake, R.E. Pickersgill (Bob), J. Mitchell, P.O. Burn(s) (Paul?), W. Clark, M. Jones



BACK ROW Mr. Strickland, David Roberts, Tony Mugridge, David Andrews, Joe Coleman, John Sonley, Dave Ackerman, Richard Rogers, Peter Coombes, Nigel Rogers, David Oliver. 

THIRD ROW David Parsons, Bryan White, Brian Nattrass, Brian Mitchell, Phil Beale, James Davis, Andrew Langley, Tony Hawkins, Phil Short, Alan Shaddick, Chris Nother, Errol Harries.

SECOND ROW Chris Peach, Stuart Hayfield, John Hunt, Roger Townsend, Michael James, Archie McCulloch, Mr. Trewhella, Ian Taylor, Peter Crozier, Unknown, Alan Congdon, Peter Amey. 

FRONT ROW Bob Pashen, Nigel Newbery, Colin Curtis, Frank Makniack, Colin Fry, Brian Gundry, Keith Skinner, Duncan Emberton, David Ralph.



BACK ROW Mr. Strickland, Mr. Trewhella, Mr. Feltham or Felton

MIDDLE ROW C.R. Foreguard, Ian Simmons?, Not Known, Roger Bower, Nicholas Woodward, Graham Daniels, Kevin Andrews.

FRONT ROW David Wheller, Alan Lock, Ian Hare, ?? Stockley?, Roger Pannell



BACK ROW - Roy Lock, Les Culverwell, Graham Daniels, Roy Davis, Graham Churchill, David Trask, Phil Yates, David Johnstone, Frank Mitchell, Chris Robinson, Michael Crockford, ?? Thompson, Roger Gale, Hugh Jones, Eric Smith

THIRD ROW - Melvyn Cross, Chris Hixon, Brian Park, Brian Bennett, Clive Warren, Chris Hiscock, Lyndon Gill, Dickie Edwards, Nick Lee, Melvyn Bowen, John Mann, Robert Kingman, Cliff Foreguard, Nick Woodward, Philip Phillips, David Kirkness

SECOND ROW - David LeBreton, Terry Stone, Brian Inkpen, Andrew Buxton, Stephen Pike, Mr. D. Strickland, Mr. M. Trewhella, Andrew Rose, ?? Palmer, Andrew Smith, Bob King, John McIntosh, Douglas Read

FRONT ROW - John Damen, Malcolm Rogers, David Smith, Roger Pinkham, Brian Caddy, Robin Ellis, Glen Norman, Nigel Lawrence, David White



BACK ROW - E.V. Batstone (Eric died 1987), M. Hallet (Michael died 2007), P. Crocker (Philip), J.R. Palmer (John nickname Poopie), ?? Oliver, N. Warren (Neil), D.W. Tilley (David)

MIDDLE ROW - J. Dufall (John), B. Fox (Barry), G. Howe (Geoff), C.R. Groves (Chris), M.J.T. Stanton (Mike), G. Nother (George nickname Monty), R. Slavin (Ray), ?? Clark.

FRONT ROW - D.J. Rushen (David), M. Wells (Michael), D. Symes (David), J. Greenhaulgh (John), Mr. Westlake, D.K. Hallet (David nickname Dizzy), C.R. Cake (Richard), G.E. Hayfield (Graeme), C.S. Bongard (Clive).


MID 1950's

BACK ROW - 2nd from the left - ?? Worth, 4th from the left - ?? Membury

MIDDLE ROW - 4th from the left - Geoff Cake

FRONT ROW - Left - Dave Thorne, 3rd from the left - Roger Baker, 6th from the left - Colin Strange, 7th from the left - ?? Haskins



BACK ROW - Brian Rose, Ian Broom, John Ricketts, Barry Fox, Dick Toms, Ken Hadfield, Michael Cooter, Hugh Flavell, Roy Fowler

FRONT ROW Barry Smith, Tony Brake, Peter Kerle, Eric Batstone, Syd Howe, Ken Fox



STANDING Mr. Strickland, Eric Batstone (died 1987), ?? Male, Mr. Kearsey

SITTING George (Monty) Nother, Mike Stanton, David Wheller, Geoff Howe, John Pinder.



BACK ROW - Unknown; Richard Matthews; Barry Brooks; Peter Kerle; Pete Turner; Vinnie Dobson; Simon Frampton; Unknown; John Rashley; Rob Mowlem; Charles Parsons; Richard Wakely; Alan Attryde

MIDDLE ROW - Alan Potter; Carl Tansill; Gavin Easton; Tony Brake; John Sibley; Tony Salt; Hugh Slavin; Unknown; Roy Fowler; Sid Howe

FRONT ROW - Christopher Green; Michael Barnes; Mike Pugsley; Terry White; David Higgins; Mr Westlake; Mr Kearsey; David Rapson (Or Rabson);  Nick? Frisby; Barry 'Smudger' Smith; Tony Godwin; ? Jones



BACK ROW - Richard Wakely; David Rapson (or Rabson); Peter Turner; John Rashley; David Higgins; Peter Kernow; Rob Mowlem; Chris Green; Barry Hansford; Barry Brooks; Terry White; Alan Attryde; Gavin Easton

MIDDLE ROW - Charles Parsons; Richard Matthews; Vincent Dobson; Carl Tansill; Simon Frampton; Hugh Slavin; Mike Pugsley; Alan Potter; Tony Ham; Anderson

FRONT ROW - Sid Howe; Tony Brake; Peter Kerle; John Sibley; Mr Don Strickland; Mr Kearsey; Tony Godwin; Tony Salt; Michael Barnes; Barry Smith.


CHOIR - Date Uncertain - mid 1950's



BACK ROW Reg Haskins, Graham Manley, Dick Toms, Dennis Rolls, Syd Howe 

FRONT ROW Tony Brake, John Sibley, Steve Merlin, Brian Rose, Peter Kerle, Roy Fowler


1956 / 57 CRICKET TEAM

This picture has been received with a note that says it is 1956 / 57. As we are dealing with a cricket team that would suggest that it was taken in June / July 1957. If that is correct then the picture below has the wrong date. If anyone can provide firm dates please advise.

BACK ROW - Bill Kearsey (Headteacher), Brian Adams, Ian Broom, Dennis Rolls, Stephen Merlin, Geoff(?) Simkins, Peter Wakely, Barry (?)Stokes, Carl Morris, Don Strickland (Deputy Head).

FRONT ROW Tony Brake, John Sibley, Dick Toms, Barry Manley, John Ricketts, Brian Rose, Roy Fowler, Sid Howe, Ray McCaughey.



BACK ROW - Mr. Kearsey, ? Barnes, Peter Kerle, Richard Wakely, Simon Frampton, David Higgins, Pete Turner, Vinnie Dobson, Carl Tansill.  Mr Don Strickland

FRONT ROW - Tony Brake, Sid Howe, Roy Fowler, Barry Smith, John Sibley, Dave Rapson (or Rabson)


PRIZE DAY - Date Uncertain - mid 1950's



(Possibly a spread of Years one correspondent thinks this photo is 1956 or before)

BACK ROW - John Ricketts?, Not Known, Michael Hallett?, Not Known, John Sibley, Not Known

ROW 3 - Not Known (first six), Eric Batstone?, Ian Laing, Simon Frampton, Peter Dawe

ROW 2 - Not Known, Barry Shorto?, Not Known, Monty Norman?, Not Known, Richard Cake?, David Hallett, Mick Wells?

FRONT ROW - Not Known, Tony Godwin, Not Know, Not Known, Not Known, Michael Perham, Peter James


BACK ROW - Gary Watkins, Roger Bonfield, Roger Holt, Not Known, Nigel Roper, Lawrence Mabey

FRONT ROW - Paul Carnell, Peter Edmunds, Peter Dawe, Not Known, Ian Laing, Michael Perham



BACK ROW John Money, Michael Barnes, Simon Frampton, Peter Turner, Richard Abbott, Bob Mowlam, Richard Wakeley, Barry Hansford, Gary Croxall, Michael Cooter.

FRONT ROW Tony Brake, Peter Kerle, Syd Howe, John Sibley, Barry Smith, Roy Fowler, Carl Tansill



BACK ROW - Roger Bonfield, Chris Slade, Richard Todd, Ian Laing, Roger Holt

FRONT ROW - Donald Strickland (Deputy Head), Peter Edmunds, David Hannam, Gary Croxall, Michael Perham, Peter Dawe, Bill Kearsey (Head Master)



1958 - 59 FOURTH YEAR

BACK ROW - Not Known, Not Known, Not Known, John Oliver, Richard Puckett?, Not Known, Roger Bonfield, Not Known, Not Known, Paul Carnell (died), Not Known, Howard Stickland (died), Not Known, Not Known, Not Known.

MIDDLE ROW - Gary Watkins, Not Known, Not Known, Not Known, Not Known, Not Known, Richard Todd, Lawrence Mabey, Ian Laing, gary Croxall, Nigel Roper, Not Known, Not Known.

FRONT ROW - Chris Slade, Peter Edmunds, Geoff Shaw, Not Known, David Hannam, Donald Strickland (Deputy Head), Bill Kearsey (Head Master), Michael Perham, Not Known, Peter Dawe, Roger Holt, Peter James.