Here are the next 16 photos of the School Dance. Under each, I have put the names of the gentlemen that I can recognise and remember, and the names of the ladies that have been identified by you in your e-mails. The numbers are just for my reference purposes - please quote in correspondence. My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these, please e-mail me.

17 - Sir Thomas Salt (Chairman of the School Governors) and Lady Salt    Click here for anecdote

Background: Ian Taylor (left), Roger Ballard (right)

18 - Ian Taylor, (background: Tom Worthington - left, A.R. Brown - centre)

19 - ? & Margaret Richards, Fiona Dear & Malcolm Freeth

20 - Tom Worthington

21 - The Barmen. Left to right: Tim Whittle, David Barker, Peter Robbins, Charles Bawden

22 - Andy Beaton, Mike Grigsby.

23 - Dickie Duckett, Pam Lofthouse, Geoff Hunter

24 - Linda Nash, Peter Stevenson, Jean Tear, 'Ali' Barber (background)

25 - ?, Roger Ballard, Ann Borries (Sister of Dave & Chris), Linda Nash

26 - Fiona Dear & Peter Warwick

27 - Rosalind Simpson & Michael James

28 - Mr Gloag

29 - Stewart Easton, Mick Humphrey (background)

30 - Mr Harold Mann, Godfrey Lee (left background)

31 - Ian Taylor. Left background: Ian Birrell & Tom Worthington

32 - Mr R Barrass (centre), 'Dusty' Miller (centre right) and Mike Grigsby.

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