Here are the first 16 photos of the School Dance. Under each, I have put the names of the gentlemen that I can recognise and remember, and the names of the ladies that have been identified by you in your e-mails. The numbers are just for my reference purposes - please quote in correspondence. My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these, please e-mail me.

1 - Rosalind Simpson (Bob's sister) & Michael James

2 - Kevin Milner, R Davies, Andy Beaton (background), Nigel Fennemore

3 - R.L. Brown

4 - John Porter (background left), Nigel Newbery & Ann Woolford

5 - Sue Tilley & Malcolm Freeth, Mick Northover & Sue Holt (background left)

6 - Ian Birrell

7 - Denis Howe & Susan Frampton, Godfrey Lee

8 - ?, Pam Lofthouse, Joe Hunt

9 - ?, Archie McCulloch, Mr & Mrs Harold Mann, Ann Woolford

10 - Nigel Newbery, Peter Warwick, Fiona Dear, Rosemary Aston

11 - Tom Worthington, Philip Short

12 - Stewart Easton, Alan Kenway

13 - Kevin Milner, Mike Grigsby

14 - Mike Grigsby, Roger Ballard

15 - Nigel Fennemore (background left), Andy Beaton with Margaret Richards, Mr & Mrs Harold Mann (background right)

16 - Kevin Milner, Mr R Barrass (background right)

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