Here are the final 14 photos of the School Dance. Under each, I have put the names of the gentlemen that I can recognise and remember, and the names of the ladies that have been identified by you in your e-mails. The numbers are just for my reference purposes - please quote in correspondence. My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these, please e-mail me.

33 - Barmen Tim King (left) with David Barker.

34 - The Ladies, including Fiona Dear & Rosemary Aston (2nd & 3rd balloons from left)

35 - Roger Ballard, Peter Warwick, Mr Harold Mann et al.

36 - Roger Newton, Richard Sams.

37 - Barman David Barker.

38 - Peter Warwick.

39 - Susan Frampton & Denis Howe, with Chris Sharpe (right background).

40 - Joe Hunt & Pam Lofthouse, Peter Warwick, Robin Miller

41 - Dennis Turner. Behind him, left & right: Nigel Fennemore & Peter Stevenson.

42 - Kevin Milner.

43 - Mick Humphrey & Ann Nickell. Mr Gloag (left background)

44 - mmm...?

45 - Roger Newton (note the sandals!)

46 - Andy Beaton & Dickie Duckett getting into the Hillman Minx of Ian Taylor's father.

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