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Here are various other sports-related photos gathered in recent years from numerous sources.

The quality of some may be below par, due in many cases to the copying process employed (e.g. re-photographing a hand-held original). If owners are able to make a better digital copy sometime and forward it to me, I would be very grateful.

My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these,
please e-mail me.

1 - The Hodges House Champions, probably around 1958. From left to right:
Back Row: JGA Neades, RM Norman, ARJ Davis, JW Porter, FA Burt, RLE Brown, RJ Watkins, T Sugg, PCHL Bell;
Middle Row: Mr NMS Roussel, DJE Coleman, RC Pannell, MG Stone, POF Vallance, JE Spranklin, PC Old, AC Lock, M Garner;
Front Row: JR Hunt, RA Evans, PW Brunt, PCN Prideaux, FA Barber, BH Natrass, I Hare, TH Williams, GW Moffatt.
Photo courtesy of Tony Williams.

2 - The 1959-60 Fencing Team. Photo courtesy of David Parsons.

3 - A badminton match between Hardye's and The Green School, 1960.
Back row: Carol ?, ?, Susan Sharp, Roy Carder; Front Row: Jane Tuffin, Tony Williams, Ann Nickell, Malcolm Freeth, Sue Holt, Nigel Fennimore, Sue Baker, John Perry.
Photo courtesy of Malcolm Freeth.

4 - Schools Soccer Festival at Butlins in Bognor Regis April 1965. Two Hardye's Boys represent Dorset.
Photo courtesy of Peter House, who writes:
"I am on the left end of second row in the black tracksuit, and Peter Cocks ('59 starter although tragically killed in a speedboat accident within a year of this photo being taken) is third from left on same row.
Most of the others are from Weymouth Grammar or Poole Grammar."

5 - Sports Day Winners, 1966.
Back row: Mike Holloway, Don McGregor, Brian Guest, Alan Clarke, Paul Boucher, Mike Tilley, Pete May, Max Hounsell, Steve Halls, Roger Bonfield;
Front Row: Gavin Easton, Nigel Salter, Iain Liddiard, Brian Holland, CJB Smith.
Photo courtesy of Brian Holland.

6 - Sports Day Winners, 1971.
Back row: S Cheesman, S Bainbridge, O Davies, D Andrew, P Board, T Harding, T Stockley, N Harding, R Sparks, G Fox;
Middle Row: P Martin, T Salter, I Mabberley, J Carlton, P Sharrock, K Batchelor, P Cowley, J Mitchell.
Front Row: C Meade, J Morrison, D King, S Gale, R Coombes.
Photo courtesy of Nigel Harding.

7 - Swimming Gala 1973.
Photo courtesy of Terry Exell.

8 - Under 14 Basketball Team, 1975.
Back row: M Lewis, D Pickard, H Morris, D Mussel, M Adams, C Montagu-Johnstone;
Front Row: A Spence, I Whitfield, J Seager (Capt.), I Underhill, J Straw.
Photo courtesy of Mark Lewis.

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