Here are various cricket-related photos gathered in recent years from numerous sources.

The quality of some may be below par, due in many cases to the copying process employed (e.g. re-photographing a hand-held original). If owners are able to make a better digital copy sometime and forward it to me, I would be very grateful.

My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these,
please e-mail me.

1 - One of the earliest sports photos on record. It shows the 1906 Dorchester Grammar School XI.
Bottom left is George Bartlett; centre, in pads, is Fred Sansford, who was a cousin of the mother of Kent Stanton (Hardye's 1951-58).
Photo courtesy of Kent Stanton.

2 - The Second Cricket XI in 1947.
Left to right - back row: J Hansen, K Gray, R Forbes, K Godley, Cunningham, R Gaunt (Scorer);
Front row: Dowden, A Dubben, J Mainwairing (Captain), Mr RW Hill (Headmaster), RE Moors, D Hardwicke, D Long.
Photo courtesy of John Hansen, who adds:
"Whereas I had just been demoted from the 1st XI, David Hardwicke was on the threshold of an outstanding career".

3 - The Colts Cricket XI in 1950, when Hardye's School was still known as Dorchester Grammar School.
Photo courtesy of Gordon Hickmore.

Now two photos and associated report from the Dorset Year Book for 1952 - 53, reporting on the Old Grammarians.
Material kindly sent in by Nigel Newbery.

"The ceremonies began with a lunch at the School at which the Headmaster (Mr. R.W. Hill, O.B.E.) presided. High tribute was paid to the late President of the Club, Mr. Wilfred Hodges, J.P., who had recently passed away. He was at the school in the late [18]'80s. and early '90s. and has spent his life in business in the town and its public service. He founded the Club early in the present [twentieth] century and was instrumental in its revival in the post war years. For many years he had been Chairman of the Governing body of the school.

"After lunch a cricket match was played between the School and the Old Boys and the latter won comfortably by five wickets - scores: School 138 (Nickell 33); Old Boys 139 for 5 (Shellabear 53)."

4 - The Old Boys and School Cricket Teams
Back row: ?, C Allsopp, C Roper, ?, A Nickell, ?, G Hickmore, rest unknown;
Middle row: Mr GHD Johnson, Mr NMS Roussell; right end: Mr DC Whitaker, Mr EF Cole, ?, Miss EM Hill, Mr A Giuseppi, Mr E Rossiter;
Front row: Mr B Sewell, Mr DS Lidbury, ?, M Hardwicke, L Dobell, D Hardwicke, T Shellabear, Mr RW Hill (Headmaster), Mr W Lancashire, rest unknown.

5 - Detective Superintendent E Rossiter, Mr RW Hill, & Mr W Lancashire.

6 - Hardye's School 1st XI, 1953.
Photo courtesy of Gordon Hickmore.

7 - School House Cricket Team 1953, left to right:
Back row: FV Dean, PWG Smith, JE Hammond, N Adams, D Mundy;
Middle row: P Dillon, R Mundy, J Rawlins, D Bacon, N Tomes;
Front row: M Burgess, P Warren.
Photo courtesy of John Rawlins.

8 - Hardye's School 1st XI, 1954.
Photo courtesy of Gordon Hickmore.

9 - Hardye's School Colts Cricket XI, 1955.
Photo courtesy of Peter Brunt (not "Blunt" as annotated!).

10 - Hardye's School 1st XI 1956, left to right:
Back row: A Downton, CD Bazalgette, BJ Simons, JA Robertson, RE Middle, AA Adams;
Front row: PR Tomes, MJ Dowell, MB Bullocke, FD Willy, P Garrett.
Photo from "The Durnovarian" 1956, courtesy of Mick Humphrey.

11 - The Colts Cricket XI in 1956. The Scorer is of course David Blanchard.
Photo courtesy of Nigel Newbery.

12 - Hardye's School 1st XI in 1957. Photo courtesy of Peter Brunt.

13 - The Wollaston Colts Cricket XI in 1957. Photo courtesy of Roy Carder.

14 - Hardye's School 1st XI in 1958 (Robin Tomes is absent). Photo courtesy of Tony Robertson.

15 - Hardye's School 1st XI in 1958; as above with Robin Tomes, minus R Pretty. Photo courtesy of Tony Robertson.

16 - The Senior Colts Cricket XI in 1958. Photo courtesy of Roy Carder.

17 - Probably by the front door of Wollaston House, 1958? Left to right:
Back row: CR Okeford, BW Keen, DJ Rushen, CS Male, MT King;
Middle row: Lush?, N Haynes, B Shorts, DJ Swain, MD Kann;
Front row: B House, ET Rolls?
Photo from the Dorset Echo 26 June 2007.

18 - Wollaston House Colts XI in 1959. Left to right:
Back row: Pat Murray, John Trim, Hugh Meyers, 'Skiffle' Scarf, Robbie Das Gupta, Pete House, Chris Chambers;
Front row: Godfrey Lancashire, Peter Kerle, David Pinnell. John Sibley, Barrie Smith, Clive Dickinson, Barrie Allington.
Photo courtesy of Pete House.

19 - Hardye's School 1st XI in 1959. Left to right:
Back row: RB Duckett, M Davies, P Brunt, WI Birrell, RW Birch, R Bower;
Front row: M Hare, A Nickell, A Robertson (Capt.), N Pitcher, RJ Pinney.
Photo courtesy of Tony Robertson.

20 - The Colts Cricket XI in 1959.
Back row: ?, ?, C Squibb, ?, ?;
Front row: A Lock, D McHardy, R Carder, ?, E Taylor.
Photo courtesy of Roy Carder.

21 - The 1st XI in 1960.
Back row: R Carder, A Lock, JH Perry, A Davis, D McHardy;
Front row: RW Birch, RJ Pinney, RB Duckett, R Bower, M Davies.
Photo courtesy of Roy Carder.

22 - Early 1960's?. Left to right:
Back row: N Tuffin, R Allard?, R Knight, B Keen, Lush, D Swain, Virgin;
Front row: L Ralls, D Rushen, N Haynes, G Jenkins, B House.
Photo from the Echo, courtesy of Terry Parsons.

23 - 1960/61? Left to right:
Back row: N Haynes, A Lock, DJ Rushen, ARJ Davis, AN Lewis, RLW King;
Front row: D McHardy, RJ Bower, RJ Pinney, MJ Davies, C Kiddey.
(The small inset at the lower left is part of photo 14 above)
Photo from the Dorset Echo 26 June 2007.

24 - 1961/62? Left to right:
Back row: ?, EWN Taylor, G Jenkins, B House, M Beale, RLW King;
Front row: DJ Rushen, AN Lewis, D McHardy, RJ Pinney, C Kiddey, N Haynes.
Photo from the Dorset Echo 26 June 2007.

25 - Hardye's School 1st XI, 1962?
Back row: JW Sibley, D Pinnel, E Dorey, R Das Gupta, C Dickinson;
Front row: M Beale, N Haynes, B House, S Jenkins, MD Kann
Photo from the Dorset Echo 26 June 2007.

26 - The Colts Cricket XI in 1962.
Back row: AJ Trim, R Das Gupta, GW Lancashire, PC Murray, BAJ Allington;
Front Row: C Dickinson, WJ Sibley, DP Pinnell (Capt), ME Beale, PO Kerle.
Photo courtesy of Godfrey Lancashire.

27 - Edwards & Keeping Cricket Team for the Dorchester Evening League Cup Final in 1962.
Not strictly a Hardyeans' photo this, but of some relevance:
Edwards & Keeping were a local firm of accountants for whom several Old Boys all worked at that time. The Hardye's cricket pitches were often used as a neutral ground for matches with visiting non-Hardye's teams.
Back row: Ron Cave, Bob Pickersgill, Ernie Middle, Graham Stevens, George Ball, Mansell Read, Margaret Samways (now Prince);
Front Row: Den Perry, Doug Read (Mansell's son), Mike Pratt, John Keeping, Richard 'Knocker' Knox.
Messrs Cave, Pickersgill, Middle and Doug Read were all Old Boys.
John Keeping was a Dorchester Grammar School Old Boy and was a governor of Hardye's. He also was an Old Hardyeans officer.
Photo courtesy of Ron Cave.

Left: 28 - The Wollaston House Cricket XI in 1963.
Back row (l to r): D.Gargrave, C.Bowden, P Hamilton, S.Halls, R.Stevens;
Middle row: ?, K.Chambers, M.Tilley, F.Dike, ?;
Front row: A.Batchelor, D.Gallop.
Photo courtesy of Derek Gallop.

Right: 29 - The Colts Cricket XI in 1963.
Photo courtesy of Michael Warby and Kevin Kibbey.

30 - The 1st XI in 1965.
Photo courtesy of Godfrey Lancashire.

31 - The 2nd XI in 1965.
Back row: Philip Adams, Nick Scudamore?, Nick Moggeridge, Mike Hapgood, Keith Allard;
Front row: Mike Warby, Barry Buckland, ? House, Tim Blagrove, Dewi? Paylor
Photo courtesy of Michael Warby and Kevin Kibbey.

32 - The 1st XI in July 1967.
Photo courtesy of Derek Gallop, who writes:
"Some good mates here, and very good cricketers. The square was strange though, with its runaway hillside at one end. Hard work bowling there...
Back row (l to r): John Dike, Ross Stephens, Derek Gallop, Peter Higgins, Stuart Rowe, Andrew Sims;
Front row: Andy Blagrove, Pete Harris, Andrew Fall, Kevin Chambers, 'Kipper' Dickinson."

33 - The Under 15 XI in 1969.
Back row (l to r): Noel Johnston, Roy Pritchard, Owen Davies, Jim Phillips, Roger Uttley, Jerry Matthews;
Front row: Rob Moakes, Henry Jeanes, Jimmy Halls, Titch Turner, Les Mason.
Photo courtesy of Les Mason.

34 - The 2nd XI in 1975.
Photo courtesy of Sean Riches, who writes:
"The 2nd XI cricket team from 1975 (I think) with Rex Tompsett as the master in charge - I am the one kneeling wearing the keeper's gloves. Also Neil Betteridge (holding his bat horizontally), Gwyn Pugh (to Rex's left), Ian Clewlow, next left - sorry don't recall any other full names; the lad on the LH end was Charlie - but his surname escapes me.."

Rhodri Watts (Southfield House 1972-79) has added: "The second from right - as the photo looks at us - is Ravi Kohli and the one on the furthest right with a slightly hitched shoulder and bat held down vertically is CR Wood- known as Charlie Wood who was a boarder at Southfield House while I was there."

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