The 2016 Reunion.

On this lovely May day, 29 Old Boys and 18 wives came along to the Reunion at Dorchester Rugby Club where, apart catching up on everybody's news, we were royally entertained by Robin who presented an extract from his show 'Laughter is the Best Medicine.'

Once again Bob and Monica Stephenson produced a first rate buffet. Sadly it is the last one they will be preparing for us as they are retiring from the business so someone new will have to be found for next year.

In the last few years Kirsty Gatehouse has been the contact point at the Club but it looks as though she too will be moving on to new pastures shortly. Nevertheless Nigel has booked the Club for Saturday 6th May 2017.

A couple of years ago we were serenaded by Mike Snelling followed by Robin's amusing anecdotes this year. So if anyone out there has some skills that would entertain us in 2017 please let Nigel know.

My thanks to Nigel and Ernie for the photos below.

Left: 1 - John Hughes, Denis & Ann Howe;
Right: 2 - Graham Allen, Patricia & Alan Lock.

Left: 3 - Tony Jeffers & Kent Stanton;
Right: 4 - Malcolm Freeth and Philip Short.

Left: 5 - Babs Johnson & Chris Nother;
Right: 6 - Our wonderful catering staff.

Left: 7 - Jan Hunt & Ann Newbery;
Right: 8 - Richard Sams & Jess Williams.

Left: 9 - Andrew & Monica Nickell;
Right: 10 - Pat Middle & Alan Lock.

Left: 11 - Paul Handley & Pat Middle;
Right: 12 - Doreen Newton & Patricia Lock.

Left: 13 - Wendy Sams & Roger Newton;
Right: 14 - Chrissie Day & Tony Williams.

Left: 15 - Nigel Newbery & Chrissie Day;
Right: 16 - Ron Cave & Lesley Hallett.

Left: 17 - Eric Church & Richard Hallett;
Right: 18 - Gaynor & Richard Luther.

Left: 19 - Frances & John Perry;
Right: 20 - Geoff Moffatt & Geoff Standring.

Left: 21 - Tony Robertson & Ian Diffey;
Right: 22 - Babs Johnson & Robin Miller.

Left: 23 - Alan King;
Right: 24 - Diana Gadsby & John Hughes.

25 - David Hide & Jack Crewe.

26 - The Ladies: Wendy Sams, Doreen Newton, Monica Nickell, Lesley Hallett. Diana Gadsby, Helen Standring, Patricia Lock, Diana King,
Christine Moffatt, Frances Perry, Babs Johnson, Chrissie Day, Jan Hunt, Jess Williams, Pat Middle, Ann Howe, and Ann Newbery.

27 - The Old Boys: Standing: Jack Crewe, Tony Jeffers, Eric Church, Graham Allen, Richard Hallett, Tony Robertson, John Perry, Ian Diffey, Richard Sams,
Chris Nother, Alan Lock, Robin Miller, John Hughes, Alan King, Roger Newton, Geoff Standring, Paul Handley, Malcolm Freeth, Phil Short and Tony Williams;
Kneeling: David Hide, Ron Cave, Nigel Newbery, Ernie Middle, Geoff Moffatt and Dick Luther.

If you have photos of this event you would like to see on this webpage, please e-mail me.

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