The 2014 Reunion.

The 2014 Reunion on Saturday 10 May 2014 was another big success, thanks to the faultless organisation by Nigel Newbery.

In response to recent enquiries, please note that copies of last year's concert by Mike Snelling are still available on CD or DVD;
please see the 2013 Reunion web page for details.

The first 10 photos below are by courtesy of Dickie Duckett.

1 - Ladies First! Left to right: Back row: Wendy Sams, Ann Howe, Ann Humphrey, Jess Williams, Diana Gadsby, Doreen Newton, Jan Hibbard;
Front row: Chrissie Davis, Ann Newbery, Monica Nickell.

2 - Gentlemen: l to r: John Perry, Tony Davis, Robin Miller, Mick Humphrey, Nigel Pitcher, Denis Howe, Richard Cole, Richard Hallett,
Nigel Newbery (kneeling), Mike Thomas, Graham Allen, Dickie Duckett (kneeling), Andrew Nickell, Tony Williams, Nick Hibbard, Richard Sams,
Tony Jeffers, Roger Newton, Malcolm Freeth, Frank Bowering, Nick Prideaux, Roger Dawe, Peter Lawrence, Colin Simons, John Hughes, Phil Short.

3 - Mick Humphrey & Robin Miller.

4 - Frank Bowering & Mike Thomas.

5 - Nick Prideaux & Graham Allen.

6 - Tony Davis, Nigel Newbery & Andrew Nickell.

7 - Denis & Ann Howe, with Tony Jeffers.

8 - Nigel Pitcher (centre) holding forth!.

9 - Roger Newton, Richard Sams, Ann Humphrey & Richard Hallett.

10 - Phil Short, Tony Williams & Mick Humphrey.

The next 5 photos below are by courtesy of Denis Howe.

11 - Nigel Newbery & Dickie Duckett; 12 - Dickie Duckett & Roger Newton.

13 - Mike Thomas, Tony Jeffers & Frank Bowering; 14 - Graham Allen & Nick Hibbard.

15 - Peter Lawrence, Roger Dawe & John Hughes.

If you have photos of this event you would like to see on this webpage, please e-mail me.

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