The 2010 Reunion.

Here are the photos of the 2010 Reunion at the Dorchester Rugby Football Club, Saturday 8 May 2010.
As always, our grateful thanks and congratulations to organisers Nigel Newbery & Ernie Middle.
My thanks also to Ernie Middle & Richard Sams for contributing their photos.

1 - Robin Miller, Mike Thomas, Paul Handley
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle

2 - Paul Handley, John Sonley

3 - Tom Worthington, Jack Crewe. (Note the manuscript on the table; see photo 29 below.)

4 - David Hide, Alan King
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle

5 - Diana King, Ian Diffey

6 - Angela & Geoff Hunter

7 - Liz Sonley, Carole Robertson

8 - Tony Robertson, Pat & Ernie Middle
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle

9 - Nick Prideaux, Monica Nickell

10 - Andrew Nickell, Doreen Newton

11 - Richard Sams, Janet Hunt

12 - Janet Hunt, Tony Davis
Photo courtesy of Richard Sams

13 - Jess Williams, Nigel Newbery

14 - Ann Newbery, Tony Williams

15 - Chrissy Davis, John Hunt

16 - Mick & Ann Humphrey

17 - Chris Prideaux, Mick Humphrey

18 - Malcolm Freeth, Phil Short

19 - Frances Perry, Jan Hibbard

20 - Tony Jeffers, Ron Cave
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle

21 - Bryan & Patricia Stanley

22 - Denis & Ann Howe, Liz Bowering
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle

23 - Frank Bowering, Nick Hibbard
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle

24 - Chris Nother, Graham Allen
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle

Left: 25 - Mike James (photo courtesy of Ernie Middle), right: 26 - Ian Taylor

27 - John & Frances Perry

28 - Wendy Sams, Roger Newton

Left: 29 - The Cabaret: Jack Crewe & Tom Worthington give us rendition of part of a "Gilbert & Sullivan-esque" musical written by Frank Southerington & Chris Etherington in the late '50s.
Photo 3 above shows a copy of the original on the table.
Photo courtesy of Ernie Middle
Right: 30 - And finally, the commercial: Yours Truly puts in a "plug" for this website.
Photo courtesy of Richard Sams

31 - The Gentlemen: Graham Allen, Denis Howe, Jack Crewe, Bryan Stanley, Robin Miller, Paul Handley, Andrew Nickell, Tom Worthington, Mike Thomas, Frank Bowering, Alan King, Nick Hibbard, Ian Diffey, David Hide, Tony Jeffers, John Perry, Tony Robertson, Roger Newton, John Sonley, Tony Davis, Malcolm Freeth, Tony Williams, Mick Humphrey, Chris Nother, Mike James, Richard Sams, Geoff Hunter;
seated: Ron Cave, Nigel Newbery, John Hunt, Nick Prideaux.

32 - The Ladies: Ann Newbery, Monica Nickell, Angela Hunter, Ann Humphrey, Wendy Sams, Frances Perry, Pat Middle, Janet Hunt, Chrissy Davis, Doreen Newton, Jess Williams, Jan Hibbard, Chris Prideaux, Carole Robertson, Liz Bowering, Ann Howe, Diana King, Liz Sonley, Patricia Stanley.
Photo courtesy of Richard Sams

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