The 2009 Reunion.

Here are the photos of the 2009 Reunion at the Dorchester Rugby Football Club, Saturday 9 May 2009.

1 - From left: Nancy & Neil MacDonald, Tony Davis;
from right: Robin Miller, Janet & John Hunt.

2 - On left: Ernie Middle (nearest camera), Roger Dawe, Richard Cole, Peter Lawrence;
from right: Dave Rogers, Rita Turner, Brenda Rogers, Philip Short.

3 - From left: Stuart Turner, Richard Pretty (standing), Ernie Middle, Roger Dawe.

4 - From left: Richard Cole, Peter Lawrence, John & Janet Hunt.

5 - From left: Andrew & Monica Nickell, Tony Williams;
from right: Mick & Ann Humphrey, Doreen Newton, Wendy Sams, Mike James.

6 - From left: John Perry, Mike James;
from right: Nigel Newbery (back to camera), Dickie Duckett, Frances Perry, Richard Sams.

7 - From left: Tony Williams, Roger Newton.

8 - From left: Alan King, Bryan Stanley, Ron Cave.

9 - From right: Diana King, Patricia Stanley, Tony Jeffers.

10 - From left: Mike Thomas, Tony Robertson, Tony Jeffers.

11 - Left: Jan Hibbard;
From right: Stuart Hayfield, Nick Hibbard.

12 - From left: Liz & Frank Bowering, Paul Handley.

13 - From left: Richard Sams, Frances Perry, Nick Prideaux.

14 - The 1952 Intake.
From left, standing: Ernie Middle, Stuart Turner, Bryan Stanley, Richard Pretty, Peter Lawrence, Tony Robertson, Roger Newton, Paul Handley, Frank Bowering, Richard Cole, Andrew Nickell, Alan King, Nick Hibbard;
kneeling: Dave Rogers, Ron Cave, Mike Thomas, Roger Dawe, Tony Jeffers.
Photo courtesy of Dickie Duckett.

15 - The 1953 & '4 Intake.
From left, standing: Robin Miller, Mick Humphrey, John Perry, Richard Sams, Neil MacDonald, Stuart Hayfield, Tony Davis, Phil Short, Graham Allen, Dickie Duckett;
kneeling: Nigel Newbery, John Hunt, Mike James, Tony Williams, Nick Prideaux.
Photo courtesy of Dickie Duckett.

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