The School Prospectus 1984.

Shown below is the 8-page School Prospectus published in 1984, images of which were kindly submitted by Richard Umbers.
It makes very interesting reading, particularly for those who attended the school in earlier years as it shows the significant changes to the school organisation.

Richard Umbers has provided the following note regarding the change of the School status around 1980:
"The Middle School opened when the School converted from the Grammar School designation to the Comprehensive system. Prior to 1980(?) you went to 'Prep' school until 11, took the 11-Plus exam, and dependent on the result went to either a Secondary Modern school, or the Grammar School. This also corresponded with the transition of Headmasters, P.A. Close being the first Headmaster of Hardye's as a comprehensive school, which now only took students from age approx. 13 years.
The new system was Primary School until say aged 9, then Middle School until 13, then Hardye's (Comprehensive) until aged 18 (or sooner if you left after O-levels at 16 years). The new Middle School was built at the bottom of the School grounds towards Came Woods (below Mudflats Rugby Field) and is still in operation as a Middle School, I believe."