The Official Wollaston House School Photo 1959.

Photo courtesy of Mark Loosemore, who has also recently provided the colourised version at the bottom of this page.

This shows a complement of 170 boys plus 10 staff.

Below the photo is a table listing all the faces identified to date, in alphabetic order, along with the number shown in the pop-up labels (see below). The numbers start with 001 at the left-hand end of the rear row, with numbers increasing to the right, 101 at the left of the next row down, and so on. There are about 30 to 35 boys in each row. Thus it should not be too difficult to locate the face belonging to a given name.

Please use your web browser horizontal scroll bar to pan the entire photo.

To pop-up an individual's name, place your screen cursor over the individual's face. If you recognise a face which has no name, or is incorrect, please e-mail me, quoting the number in question.

My thanks to Dermot Hanna, Kevin Kibbey, Mark Loosemore, Ken Stephens, Steve Merlin et al for identifying most of the faces below.

325Robert Ackroyd
332Phil Alexander
312Roger Allard
007Barry Allington
022John Allsop
217? Anderson
225? Ashley
013Alan Attryde
328John Barbara
321Robert Barrass
235John A Barrett
334Peter Barrett
231? Barrow
319Keith Bird
233Chris Bolton
026Billy Bowden
108Geoffrey Branton
215Alan Briars
201Daryl Bristow
307Pete Broad
021Barry Brookes
323Ian Broom
333Alan J Brown
104Brian Cambray
124Chris Chambers
222Ray Clarke
116Graham Cole
016Ron Coleman
311Dave Comely
337Mr Cox
129Richard Cummins
315John Darby
406Tony Day
505Leslie Dear
427Stuart Dewey
232Richard Dickenson
403Clive Dickinson
408Rupert Dorey
122Richard Doylend
511David Drew
220Nigel Drew
411Mr John Dutot
509Gavin Easton
412Mr John Faulkner (Lt/Col)
318Roberto Fielden
331Tony Firshman
024Hugh Flavell
009Colin Foot
127Peter Foster
029Simon Frampton
123David Frisby
004Euan Fyfe
302R Garside
002Michael Gasston
512Anthony Godwin
010Graham Goldsack
110Geoff Gosling
322Hugh Graham
014Chris Green
324Euan Greenshields
405Digby Guy
415Mr HJ Hale, Headmaster
424Trevor Hales
102Jeremy Hall
001John Hall
111Jeff Hallett
428Paddy Halse
419Michael Handscomb
107John Hanna
011Pete Harris
027Dennis Hill
224Robert Hindley
425Mike Hogarth
426Tony Holland
015Michael Hooper-Immins
303Fred Horsington
514Mike Horsington
421Brian House
118Peter House
023Terence Humphrey
501Colin Hurd
329Robert Hutchings
423Andrew Jeanes
212Gwillam Jenkins
327Richard Jesty
419Michael Handscomb
418Mr Hugh GH Kenion (Maj)
401Pete Kerle
306David Knapman
226Richard Knight
310Robin Laidlaw
103Godfrey Lancashire
502Ernie Leaf
414Mr BF Lee, Second Master
115? Lee
336Austin Lewis
119Ian Liddiard
320Nick Light
018Paul Light
304Trevor Lockwood
510Mark Loosemore
409Fred Lush
229Graham Lush
223Ray Macaughey
305Nick Martin
507Richard Martin
402Don McGregor
005? McIvor
410Steve Merlin
030Hugh Meyers
330Derek Middle
429Alan Morris
218Don Moxom
407Michael Munden
105Patrick Murray
117? Northrop
209Robert Nother
031Rod O'Callaghan
208Julian Oddy
207John Old
227David Pallett
006Ian Parkes
314Roger Parry
236Ian Pearce
202Chris Pearson
109Dave Perry
025Ian Pickersgill
106David Pinnell
017Ian Platt
216David Pope
503Alan Potter
308Jeremy Pretty
126Roger Prideaux
128Jonathan Pullen
506Les Ralls
035Gerald Riggs
504Alan Rogers
326Brian Rose
101John Ross-Mackenzie
416Mr NM Roussel
513Tony Salt
508Tony Sapsworth
214Colin Scource
404Pat Seaward
221Hamilton Shaskey
234Jon Sherry
028John Sibley
420Paul Simpson
417Mr David Scaife
032Hugh Slavin
120Brian P Smith
003Dave Smith
033Douglas Smith
213Stuart Soames
019Richard Sonley
008Colin Squibb
121Ken Stephens
125Brian Taylor
301Mr Treadgold
313Nick Tuffin
034Bob Turner
205Hugh Turner
309Mike Turner
422John Virgin
114Peter Wake
210Alan Walsingham
112Chris Walters
020Richard Watts
413Mr H Westlake
012Ian St John White
211Roger Wiltshire
317Denner Wright?
203Mike Yarram

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