The Official School Photo 1979.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Mason.
Mark Loosemore has kindly provided the colourised version shown at the bottom of this page.

Below the photo are links to show enlarged portions of the photo which show individual names where known. If you recognise a face which has no name, or is incorrect, please e-mail me.

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Anthony Sams has written:"My recollections of the 79 photo was that it was taken in the summer term of '79 just before the school went comprehensive in the September. I believe it was done to commemorate the 'old school' and the boys and staff who were part of it. Several of the staff who were in that photo left as they couldn't face the thought of the damage to the school that comprehensive education would bring, notably Geoff Ryall, my form tutor at the time, who left to go and teach at Thornlow school and who sadly died last year [2009]."

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Leftmost Portion        Left Centre Portion        Right Centre Portion        Rightmost Portion

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