The Official School Photo 1974.

Photo courtesy of Simon Nobes.
Mark Loosemore has kindly provided the colourised version shown at the bottom of this page.

This shows a complement of 529 boys plus 42 staff.

Below the photo is a table listing all the faces identified to date, in alphabetic order, along with the number shown in the pop-up labels (see below). The numbers start with 001 at the left-hand end of the rear row, with numbers increasing to the right, 101 at the left of the next row down, and so on. There are about 55 to 60 boys in each row. Thus it should not be too difficult to locate the face belonging to a given name.

Also below the photo are links to show enlarged portions of the photo.

Please use your web browser horizontal scroll bar to pan the entire photo.

To pop-up an individual's name, place your screen cursor over the individual's face. If you recognise a face which has no name, or is incorrect, please e-mail me, quoting the number in question.

1060Warwick Abbott
914Mark Abbott
916Michael Adams
610Stephen Adams
154William Aird
637Philip Allen
044Kevin Ash
455Richard Ashdown
539Jimmy Atkinson
1044Howard Avery
312Neil Avery
058Nigel Baker
1042William Barnes
217Paddy Bartholomew
611John Bastock
222Tim Batty?
1012Paul Baumann
246? Baxter
010Timothy Beaglehole
551Guy Beard
235James Beasant
1063Martin Beckman
805Tim Beech
613Adrian Bignell
1033David Bird
606Kelvin Bird
352Paul/Philip? Bird
649Clive Bishop
622Neil Bisiker
110Charles Blackburn
433Nigel Bolding
1032Steve Bowden
704Tim Bowden
353Martin Bowditch
647? Bowman
818Mr M Bowman
148Mark Boyd
718Dave Bradshaw
512Paul Brecknell
608Paul Brooke
1035Peter Brooke
643Chris Brooks
810Mr D Brown
207Clive Bryant
633Will Bryson?
107Neil Buckner
417Mike? Budden
634Mark Bugler
722Nick Burns
826Mr A Burton
555Philip Burton-Johnston
812Mr Caldicott
804Robin Carr
706Pat Carroll
1013Timothy Carter
203Kevin Campbell
553Geoff Caulfield
146Richard Chalker
530M Chadwick
710David Chapman
249Chris Chappell
724Nigel Charles
855John Charlton
509Alex Cheek
1016Jeremy Chitson
1020Timothy Clarke
127Ivor Cleave
846Mr B Clover
645Ian Clulow
1034James Clewlow
549Mike Coleman
743Pete Collins
1039William Collinson
310Peter Comley
053Simon Cook
526J Cotterell
1009Stephen Cotterell
901Wakely Cox
128A Cramer-Webb
927Tony Crocker
309Michael Crowhurst
042Gary Culver
213Sean Cummings
111R Cummins?
328Keith Damon
845Mr R Daniels
1037Stephen Davenport
045Ian Davies (son of Mr R Davies)
1064Neil Davies
832Mr R Davies
155Andrew Daw
006David Deaves
445P Deaves
428Richard Dickson
132? Dillon
657Andrew Dillon
454John Dixon
256Mark Doddington
851David Dodds
934Richard Dowell
009Colin Drake
124Graham Drake
350Victor Drake
120Kim Draper
354Michael Durston
928Jonathan Eaterbrooke
1041Julian Eden
728Steve Edgington
023? Edwards
104Steve Edwards
125Christopher Ellery
726? Excel
425David Farwell
1055Jan Fell
013Duncan Ferguson
1061Jonathan Fewtrell
112Jeremy Fielder
1015Mike Fielder
909DS Fisher
457Mark Follis
754Nick Foot?
521Tony Foot
809Lt Cdr Forder
931Nigel Fox
653Paul Freeman
402P Frost
214Mark Frost
727R Frost
605Andrew Galloway
755Graham Gamlen
014Stephen Ganney
1030James Gilliver
902Charles Goldsack
349Andrew Gough
1027Giles Gouldstone
1056Edward Grace
1031Martin Grant
903Richard Grassby
1050Jonathan Gray
145Darren Green
1046Ian Green
732Mike Green
650Paul Greening
1058Paul Greening
336Guy Griffiths
807Hugh Griffiths
507Nick Groves
1048Gary Gunning
829Mr AN Hamilton
852Michael Hancock
420Peter Hancock
504Anthony Hanford
915Keith Hanney
603Brett Hannigan
314Shaun/Sean Hannigan
327P Harding
1051John Harris
441Mark Hatcher
847Mr Haus?
825Mr J Hawthorn
455Alistair Hayter
001Bill Head
302Roger Hearing
641Trevor Hedger
342Andy Hellard
853Anthony Hereward
150Patrick Hill
1062Andrew Hodge
209Peter Holland
652Nick Holmes
1036Manley Hopkinson
057Nick Horton
554David Hounsell
008Derek Howe
904Tim Hurst
106Martin Hyne
043? Inglis
534Richard Ireland
137Tony James
453Mick Jeffares
048Ian John
816Mrs B Johns
654Gordon Johnson
411Vinny Johnson
629? Jones
1047Antony Jones
850Nigel Jones
449Alan Keele
823Mr HGH Kenion
646? Kerslake
446Simon Key
838Mr A King
818Maj B Kirby?
528SP Kirby
307Mark Kley
648Ravi Kohli
824Mr D Lacey
906Danny Lacey
529A Laidlaw
913Alan Lambert
055Chris Larkham
836Mr Lawrence
324Graham Laylee
552Philip Lee
228Tim Lee
215Phil Legg
1025Andrew Leslie
830Mr PH Lewendon
1003Keir Lewis
1022Mark Lewis
1005Mike Lewis
338Peter Lewis
748David Lidgey
050Craig Lindsay
054Russel Lindsay
513Bruce Litson
1057Richard Litson
414Roger Lock
221Robin Lockyer
030Nick Long
821Mr NJ Lord
405Gary Loveridge
153Mark Luxton
618Iain Lynch
257Martin MacAusland
729Tony? MacKenna
505Guy Madgewick
910Glen Maitland
149Adrian Major
1038AC Mangell
412Paul Mangell
003Colin Marchant
1067Nicholas Massey
443Paul Matthams
814Mrs H Matthews
356Paul Matthews
819Mr T McClelland
346David McDonough
705Iain McFadyen
448Ross McIver
514Neil McKechnie
444Andy? McLeod
833Mr A McTavish
424Rupert Meaden
208Robert Measures
1043Kevin Meech
1068Ian Mereweather
930John Mitchell
907Michael Miller
1014Stephen Mitchell
151Oliver Moffat
316Paul Moisan/Musto?
840Mr R Mole
908Michael Moore
103Adrian Moores
239Clive Morris
923MH Morris
322Patrick Mortimer
114Timothy Mouncey
347Clive Mountain
439Gordon Munn
719Chris Murray
926David Mussell
253Gary Mustard
435Will Naylor
243Peter Nicklen
707Simon Nobes
250Crispin Oakley
837Mr J Oakshatt
911Jonathon Orrell
147Nick Osborne
735Paul Otto
323Graham Paisley
204Martin Paisley
1037Nicholas Parker
1026Giles Parkinson
240Nigel Parkinson
1007Nicholas Parry
320Simon Parry
1054Nicholas Paul
820Mr T Paul
004Jeremy Pawsey
212Steve Peck
617John Penniston
734? Perkins
133John Petersen
450Geoff Philips
502John Phillips
924David Pickard
1001William Pickering
933John Pickett
1016Andrew Pipe
856David Polhill
007Danny Pope
822Mr J Pope
808Mrs Power
1010David Price
749Matthew Price
1008Nicholas Prior
542Gwyn Pugh
423Hedley Pullen
036Roy Ralston
922Daud Rashid
245George Rawlinson
339Sean Riches
227Cullum Richings
846Mr Ricketts
152Paul Ridealgh
756Andrew Ridge
506Neil Rimmer
827Mr C Ring
828Mr JO Roberts
839Mr JR Roberts
658Michael Robertson
047Ian Rogers?
259Simon Roles
452Alan Rosindell
303Julian Rowlands
416Adrian Russell
835Mr G Ryall
932Rupert Sage
501Nigel Sawtell
711Martin Scott
1021Jonathan Seager
619Mike Sear
523James Seddon
1018Nigel Sefton-Smith
842Mr Shaw
451Jeff Shuttleworth
919Jeremy Sidaway
703Chris Simpkins
731Russell Sims
905Simon Slade
656David Smallwood
1065Anthony Smith
351Graham Smith
701Kevin Smith
834Mr D Spriggs
1024Martin Stanyon
602Mark Stark
319John Stevens
329Andrew Stokes
511Adrian Straw
1002Julian Straw
757Alex Stringer
348Adam Stuart
252Alistair Swatridge
304Mark Sweet
355Kelvin Talbot
712Lionel Tarassenko?
1029Jonathan Tate
142Peter Taylor
510Lee Tebbutt
740Nigel Terry
028Richard? Teychenne
714Paul Thomas
421John Thorne
831Mr R Tompsett
525Chris Toop?
751Nick Toop
1040Nicholas Tothill
638Steve Tovell
557Ian Tracey
401Jeremy Trehern
918Leslie Trim
516Richard Turner
912Ian Underhill
046Peter Van der Plank
437Rod Van der Plank
841Mr P Vekic
418Gaius Vincent
935Gary Voss
607Truran Wake
202Steve Wakely
925Peter Waldron
308Anthony Walker
345Jerry Walker
1006Jonathan Ward
750Ashley Warne
301Ian Warner
639Steve Warner
029Ted Warren
614Tim Warren
844Jim Waterman
002Trevor Watling
817Mr Watson
803Ashley Watts
536Jonathan Watts
458Rhodri Watts
101Chris Weeks
410David Wells
318Clive Wellman
550Richard West
620Simon White
049Richard Wild
1023Martin Wilkins
518Chris Wilkinson
015Bruce Williams
254Kent Williams
1004Paul Williamson
1019Brian Wilson
655Stu Wilson
843Mr J Winpenny
201John Wofinden
517Michael Wolf
730? Woodward
1045Peter Worrall
415Kevin Wyatt
1028Steven Yates
616Martin Young

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