The Official School Photo 1949.

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Goss.
Mark Loosemore has kindly provided the colourised version shown at the bottom of this page.

This shows a complement of 412 boys plus 26 staff.

Below the photo is a table listing all the faces identified to date, in alphabetic order, along with the number shown in the pop-up labels (see below). The numbers start with 001 at the left-hand end of the rear row, with numbers increasing to the right, 101 at the left of the next row down, and so on. There are about 50 to 60 boys in each row. Thus it should not be too difficult to locate the face belonging to a given name.

Also below the photo are links to show enlarged portions of the photo.

Please use your web browser horizontal scroll bar to pan the entire photo.

To pop-up an individual's name, place your screen cursor over the individual's face. If you recognise a face which has no name, or is incorrect, please e-mail me, quoting the number in question.

My thanks to Ian Carr, Terry Parsons, Geoffrey Goss and Malcolm Harris for identifying many of the faces below.

631C Adams
501M Adams
660P Adams
212J Alexander
262RS Alexander
116L Allen
433M Antell
244B Archer
434K Arthurs
651D Babb
601D Bacon
544C Bailey
301George Bareham
521Mr K Batty
103RG Bellinger
357HHC Bennett
428M Betts
305D? Bevis
035JS Biggs
263RJS Biggs
239J Blandamer
042D Brackston
403P Brickell
456C Bridges
541J Broughton
545I Brown
309GLC Browne
330CJ Bryant
447G Budd
211P Bugg
037R Bugg
355C Bugler
616M Bullocke
256B Burke
508I Carr
248G Chaldecott
538Mr JO Chandler
240G Chard
510RQ Clark(e)
020G Cleaver
529Mr EF Cole
311C Collings
549R Conn
620G Crabb
512P/R? Crabb(e)
511D Croad
210A Croad
525Mr BC Cruse
353D Culver
430AJ Damon
632P Daubeney
542E Davies
060R Daw?
506R Dean
032FV Dean?
546A? Dell
410MFH Dennis
362Mr Diffey
054K Diment
658D Downton
220JH Dutot
303D Eaton
629R Ellis
404N Emberton
241RNP Farrow
160WD Flynn
507RV Fooks
405IS Forbes
336R Forbes
006DJ Foreman
454L Fost
033JHG Foster
204A Fox
526Mr SA Fox
251W Fox
109M Frampton
253R Frampton
150D Fry
440M Fry
551B Furmage
453R Fursey
260VG Gale
003KGR Galloway
156P Garland
321RG Gaunt
619T Gill
437T Goddard
419B Goodchild
617P Goodson
354GF Goss
055C Gould
361DB Gould
615D Gould
344P Gray
518Mr A Guiseppi
503K Guppy
029M Guy
531Mr HJ Hale
010GA Hales
112VJ Hancock
217DJF Hardwicke
417M Hardwicke
252B Harris
219BH Hawker
634C Hawker?
040G Hickmore
516Miss EM Hill
528Mr RW Hill
036J Hodges
436C Hood
534Mr Hopewell
258NA Horne
626D Hounsell
408J Howard
161J Hutchings
051B Hyde
136WB Jeram
232G Jervis-Hunter
532Mr GHD Johnson
255G Jones
030K Jukes?
316D? Kemp
129BA Kimber?
165G King
435D Lake
345J Lamb
341M Lambden
517Mr W Lancashire
249J Legg
537Mr PH Lewendon
527Mr DS Lidbury
429A Lisney
625J Lock
313D Long
028J Loveys
519Mr DN MacOwan
540JT Mainwaring
118PM Maitland
650P Male
147I Mardon
001NAT Marsh?
153F Marshallsay
505RCD Mason
201JA Mathews
524Mr HJ Mann
318DW McCririck
610D Meech?
407D Merchant
002R Mitchell
043T Morgan
243J/R? Moore
624B Moors
463D Mundy
012R Mundy
216RD Neale
640J Neville
515D Nichols
438D Nickell
409PD O'Riordan
442G Osborn
539Miss Osbourne
307K Osborne
352MA Osborne
548B Palmer
238R Parker
306M Parsons
324TG Parsons
611J Payne
034P Phillips
302F Pitfield
623M Pope
360H Pouncy
128WJ Pratt
340BW Pressly
604P Pritchard
630G Pugh
146B Ralls
016P Ralls
031J Rawlins
235B Read
343P Read
224T Read
015SA Reddell
356JM Revans
119R Riglar
261RQ Robinson
547A Rogers
418C Roper
452JF Rose
554B Rossiter
533Mr NMS Roussel
148R Rowland
334RS Rowland
602I Sams
612J Sargent
536Mr WA Sewell
106F Sharpe
308J Shore
331RB Shutler
057R Sibley
402B Simons
115DR Singleton
427B Skinner
314A Smith
609E Smith
342DJ Spark
310D Spracklen
645P Squibb
132L Starck
649A Stear
535Mr CH Steemson
245A Stockley?
152A Strange
459I Sturgess
254AT Sully
121MK Sully
326A Swatridge
257P Swindells
446W Symons
523Mr RR Thomas
439E Tilley
125RAE Tilney-Bassett
111L Tite
066NE Tomes
320J Traves
005M Turner?
322M Turner
222D Varley
048J Vellacot
065ARG Wallace
520Mr SWJ Walton
044M Ward
215PJ Ward
142G Welch
138HE Wells-Furby
229B Wheadon
530Mr DC Whitaker
349R White
513J White
304P? White
110JF Wilcox
237R Williams
522Mr AG de L Willis
348DR de L Willis
653D Woodward
024R Woodward

The links below create pop-ups showing enlarged portions of the photo above. Since the photo is so large, the enlargements are in three portions; left, centre & right, with a small overlap. By clicking on these links, the appropriate portion is shown in a new window which can be resized and moved about at will. The enlargements do not have the pop-up labels as in the photo above. As these enlargements themselves are large files (5 to 7 megabytes), they will take a fair time to download to your computer.
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